Sport Injuries

Sport Injuries

Sports injuries can be very minor and they can also be very severe.  Being an avid athlete throughout growing up Dr. Jenna is very experienced in injuries after suffering from fracturing her low back, ACL tears, ankle and knee surgeries, and more.

Sports injuries can be very difficult for an athlete both mentally and physically.  Our approach is to rehab the injury properly not only to get the athlete back in the game the fastest but also to prevent them from re-injuring themselves.  

Dr. Jenna utilizes soft tissue therapy along with adjustments.  Soft tissue therapy is a hands-on approach to healing a muscle. It aids in breaking down scar tissue, increasing range of motion, reducing tension, promoting healing, and relieving pain.  

Taping is a common therapy we use also.  Taping can be used for supporting an injury or decreasing inflammation.

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